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Friday, June 11, 2010

New Discovery Channel series Dual Survival premieres Friday 6/11

I received this email and thought I would pass on the news.

This show should be interesting to watch as both these guys have been around survival for quite some time.Ive never met either one of them but I know who they are and have read Codys Book.(98.6 deg the art of keeping your ass alive).From what Im picking up on in the trailers and from what I have read in Codys book my guess is that Cody is a bit more bushcraft minded and Dave a bit more military survival minded. Im sure our friend the Mora will make a few appearances.I hope there is not too much flash bang t.v. stuff and more actual outdoor living skills..well see...thanks Ben

My name is David Tra, and I am a publicist for Discovery Communications. With your blog's interest in survival skills and the wilderness, I wanted to make sure to share this upcoming Discovery Channel premiere with you and your readers.

Experts agree there are some very basic - and universal - rules for surviving in the wild. Find shelter, find water, find food, find help. Beyond that, there's not much they agree on. Meet the military-trained Dave Canterbury and naturalist Cody Lundin - the odd couple of survival experts featured in Discovery Channel's all-new series Dual Survival, premiering Friday, June 11, at 10pm ET/PT. Together, Canterbury and Lundin take on some of the planet's most unforgiving terrain to demonstrate - in their own way - how the right skills and some creative thinking can keep you alive.

Dual Survival: "Bush Hippie Logic"

Dual Survival: "A Run in the Dark"

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Buzzard said...

I've already seen a few of these episodes and I must say they are rather good, I hope they stay on this path and don't forsake it like other bushcrafters who branch out into other directions once they have made a name for themselves. Keep the faith guys!