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Friday, October 1, 2010

Goodwillie Voyager Birch Bark Canoe build part 2

 Here are a few more pictures of the North Star Voyager Canoe Build.
 Gores stitched up.

Here is a Picture of Kevin and Patrick bending the cedar ribs in front of a class of 5th graders. The ribs were steamed and become very easy to bend. Once dried to shape they can be removed and cut to size for the final fitting.
Inserting ribs.
Many ribs inserted into canoe at this point. Notice the braces across the gunwales. Kevin said that there is so much force created by the ribs while they are taking shape that it would split the canoe apart if the gunwales are not braced.
I missed out on the next part of the build which was pulling out the now shaped ribs, trimming them to size, inserting the thin cedar sheathing under the ribs and pitching up the seams....When your done this is what it looks like completed!
 This was the launching of the North Star Spring of 2010. I think this picture has 3 adults and about 14 kids riding in the canoe and there is still plenty of freeboard! These boats were designed to haul lots of gear!

Here is a picture of my son Matt and I in the canoe at the launch. I would like to thank Kevin, Patrick and Mr. G. at the Goodwillie School for letting us hang out and help out with the build.

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