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Sunday, January 1, 2012

How to choose a bush axe

Now that you realized you are a woodsman you are going to have to get yourself an axe.

Choosing an axe can be a little difficult if you have not used many axes or axes in different sizes before. Here are some points to consider when choosing an axe.

Point 1  ..The bigger the axe the more work it will do, this may seem overly simple but bigger is better when you are trying to  "do work". Two axes with the same head weight will perform similar if sharpened about the same, but now if one axe has a longer handle this axe will have more leverage and do more work. This would also be true if two axes have the same length handle, the axe with the heavier head will do more work.

Point 2  ....You need to be realistic on what type of camping you do. Depending on how you travel will decide a lot on what size axe you can comfortably carry with you. It will be no use to own a axe that is too large to carry in a rucksack and then you end up leaving it at home, or owning a small 19" axe and expecting it to do heavy chopping and splitting.

So the basic advice again is to choose the biggest axe you can comfortably carry with you.

For myself I use the 19" axes a lot in a day pack or for a lightweight hiking pack.The 19" axes are perfect for this type of travel.

I use the 26" axes for most of my other travel, in cold weather where I need to harvest a lot of firewood I combine the axe with a 24" swede saw and I also may choose a larger 31" axe when it is appropriate.

Here is a youtube video covering some of these thoughts as well...hope it helps...


Victor said...

I always enjoy the advice and projects on your blog. The information and the articles are very much in line with what I learned growing up an am still learning today. I just wish their were more of the them. Even though I know you have a life too, anyway thanks for your time.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you posting again. I enjoy your writings!

Hawkeye The Noo said...

Nice video. I also had recommended to me a Roselli and the Gransfor Swedish carving axe with the bevel on both sides. As you have stated it depends on your use. If it is small wood cutting and campside carving then these are both good choices.

Peter Patenaude said...

Hi Ben,
Great post. One thing also I try to keep in mind is the shorter the length, the easier it is to get hurt.
Best, Peter