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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Silky Big Boy 2000 Folding Saw Review

Silky Big Boy 2000 Folding Saw.
I have been testing Silky Saws this season and am very impressed with their cutting performance!

The Big Boy 2000 is probably the most practical for camp or survival use. It weighs 14.5 ounces and folds down to a compact size yet it cuts like a chainsaw. I think it keeps up with and could out work a 24" swede saw by a experienced user.

Now these Silky Saws use a Japanese tooth pattern that cuts on the pull stroke.When using them you loosen up your grip on the push stroke and when you pull back is when the cutting teeth dig in. Speed wise they still cut very fast even though you are doing your work on the pull stroke. The pull stroke uses the natural ergonomics of your body as it is easier to pull than to push.

When running cutting tools like a knife, axe, or saw I always teach to let the sharp tool do the work! You DO NOT muscle sharp tools! You will be far more proficient with cutting tools when you can let the tool do the work while you work in a steady rhythm. These Silky saws take a little getting used too, you really do not have to put much of your own weight behind the pull stroke to make them cut. If you put too much of your weight on the saw when pulling they dig deep!

Another feature I quickly realized while cutting saplings for projects is that the saw is long enough that you do not have to bend over much to cut a sapling. This is super handy when dealing with thick clusters or tag alder or willow.

Pictured below with a 19" GB Small Forest Axe. You could put up a small cabin with this compact lightweight tool combination and easily carry it in a day pack!

Big Boy 2000 Folded

 Check out the Silky Big Boy 2000 you wont be disappointed!

Silky Big Boy 2000 unfolded next to a 19" GB SFA

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